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Choose hardwood flooring for your home

Hardwood floors are a tasteful and timeless addition to your home, offering benefits that you’ll only love more as time goes by. And with a lifespan that can easily reach 100 years, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this material. You’ll find it not only creates an air of elegance in every room, but it is very durable, hard-wearing, and stands up to all the activities that go on inside your home. While it is a bit more expensive up front, you’ll find it well worth the investment, no matter how long you own your home.

Allstate Flooringhas more than ten years of experience and offers the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction. We have a great line of flooring materials and the service professionals to take your flooring project and bring it to successful completion. From our showroom in New York, NY, we proudly serve the Tri-State areas, including New Jersey, Upstate New York, CT, Hamptons, and Long Island. Be sure to stop in at your convenience with your own unique project, no matter how large or small. We’ll be happy to assist you and can answer any questions you might have in the process.

Hardwood flooring facts you should know

It’s very important to remember that solid hardwood flooring can never be installed in spaces that are below grade, such as basements. For spaces such as these, our flooring professionals can help you choose a suitable option that will perfectly serve your needs. Great alternatives include engineered flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Hamptons, NY from Allstate Flooring
Another important fact is that these floors take time to acclimate to your specific environment with regards to humidity and moisture levels. Depending on your own unique environment, this can take between 24 and 72 hours prior to installation. Once acclimated, you needn’t worry about the appearance of gaps between boards, or your flooring drawing away from the walls.

One of the most important choices you’ll make is which specific wood species works best for your home. Rated from very soft to very hard, the harder species work best for busy, active spaces in your home, like kitchens and living rooms. Private areas such as bedrooms and studies can often make use of softer woods, though your flooring professional can offer specific advice according to your own needs.

Most of all make sure you speak to your flooring specialist about the necessity of professional installation for your hardwood flooring.

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