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What laminate flooring has to offer

Laminate floors serve a great many homeowners in their specific flooring needs. For some, the most important feature in flooring is outstanding aesthetics, and this material certainly delivers on that account. For others, durability and functionality are most important and again, this floor covering meets the need head-on. With a material that covers so many needs, it’s easy to cover one floor or all of them while knowing that you’re not “settling” for something simply for the sake of continuity. There are many more benefits, however, that may make this flooring even more appealing as you learn more about it.

Allstate Flooring has the honor of serving the areas of the Tri-State, including New Jersey, Upstate New York, CT, Hamptons, and Long Island, all from our showroom location in New York, NY. We offer a respite from the confusing process of finding the perfect floor covering by offering an extensive line of materials. Along with plenty of products, we also have a great knowledge base so we’ll be able to answer any questions you have and guide you toward a product that is absolutely perfect for your own needs and preferences.

Laminate and all its many benefits

Laminate was the first floor covering to mimic the solid hardwood look that so many homeowners are drawn to. Since its arrival on the American flooring market, it has made much progress and has gotten better over the course of time. Now, in addition to the wood-look, you can also find this material mimicking the appearance of porcelain tile as well as a variety of stone. These options offer you great variety when matching your decor and lets you choose either amazing continuity throughout your home or a different and inspiring new look in every room.
Modern laminate flooring in Upstate New York from Allstate Flooring
You’ll find laminate to be a very durable floor covering, even in the busiest homes. Its thickness and stability offer an excellent guard against children, pets, and numerous house guests. The construction of this material can also make uneven spaces look even again, to create an amazing look for every space. What’s more, for installation purposes, there is little subfloor preparation necessary.

You can take advantage of even more peace of mind for your floors by taking advantage of a water-resistant laminate. While these floors are not entirely impervious to water, it can offer you a little more time to clean up areas that could otherwise be damaged by dampness, humidity, moisture, and spills. It makes a fabulous addition to kitchens and bathrooms, but in reality, it can be a great addition in any space in your home.

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