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Borders & Medallions

From a simple feature strip, to a delicate medallion; ask us about custom inlays to set your floor apart from the rest. Allstate Flooring is a leading installer of hardwood floor medallions, floor borders, custom floor inlay, natural stone medallions and parquet flooring.  We are the experts in decorative hardwood flooring for the residential and commercial designer floors.Allstate Flooring works with architects, designers and decorators on the most prestigious projects around the world.

Allstate Flooring today has the largest collection of decorative floor products on the market. Hundreds ofhardwood flooring medallions in a variety of sizes, styles and options, made with exotic ordomestic hardwood, natural stone, marble and granite. Numerous inlay floor borders styles. Vast selection of parquet and herringbone patterns. Allstate Flooring has become a one-stop shop for professionals and homeowners looking for distinctive wood floors. Our exclusive semi-custom artwork offers many options to personalize any piece to your unique taste.