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Hardwood Trends: Put it Everywhere!

Hardwood flooring has been the choice of designers and discerning homeowners for centuries. Even after other substances, such as carpeting or engineered wood, became popular, people went back to hardwood because they valued its beauty and durability. A really hot trend we are seeing this year, is home designers finding other uses for hardwood that take it off the floor and put it everywhere else in the house even in the most unsuspecting places.


Hardwood trends include accent walls. Covering them in hardwood is striking and can give an entirely new look to a room. Placing a hardwood such as cherry, oak, maple, eucalyptus, or even mango behind the bed in a bedroom or the sofa in the living room creates a focal point that can be rustic or polished. A variety of finishes can be applied; making the wood an extremely versatile wall covering that will look great until it is taken down.

Experts suggest that using hardwood on the walls may work best with the tongue and groove system, especially if the installers leave a bit of room for the wood to expand or contract. The wood cannot "float” on the wall the way tongue and groove would on the floor but must be glued or nailed.


In a truly contemporary twist, hardwood can be placed on the ceiling, bringing to mind an old Lionel Richie tune. Homeowners will not be able to dance on these surfaces, but they can certainly enjoy the unusual look they create. The eye is immediately drawn above, allowing designers to flip everyone’s expectation of what a ceiling should be while creating a work of art with hardwood trends. Bob Vila has some expert advice in his blog about how to install hardwood to your ceiling.


Hardwoods can easily be worked into beautiful designs. Imagine a puzzle-piece floor or a sunburst wall. A checkerboard effect would be stunning on either, and a series of circles on the ceiling would keep everyone looking up. The design possibilities are plentiful. Someone with a creative mind and a fine hardwood can incorporate what was once flooring into something that can be used anywhere and anyplace in the home.

Bathroom Floors

Hardwood can even be found in the most unexpected places such as the bathroom. Most people might believe that the water and hardwood would not be a good combination, but this is not always the case. With the wood product teak and a little rubber that comes in a 3 ½” X ½” solid product, you can even have beautiful hardwood all over your bathroom.

Used correctly, hardwood becomes art wherever it is placed. Indoors, outdoors, on the doors, and above them, hardwood looks fantastic and adds value to any home.